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Organic Norah is a natural and vegan cosmetics brand that was born from   my search for natural, sustainable products with the least possible impact on our home and with respect for our Mother Nature.

We try to respect it and use what it gives us.

Inspired by the Serra da Arrábida, its colors and smells, it was inevitable a searches for the extraction of benefits  of flowers and seasonal plants. 

We have so many dreams at NORAH that even the sky is not the limit.


All of Norah is love and family. 

All handmade by me, Cláudia, with the support of my sister Ana and her countless talents as a designer who, from the beginning, became my right and left arm.

I'm just one to produce, pack, communicate and create, but around me I have a family circle that supports me without asking for anything in return, with love and devotion.

Therefore, I am committed to offering the best care for the body, face and hair through natural products and with the best that nature has to give us. Always with Affection, gratitude and dedication in each product I make.


Welcome to this family of ours.


Claudia Silva



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